Chong Sing Pte Ltd  was founded in Singapore in the 1970s during the era of Singapore's Independence as a humble family-owned property business. We are fortunate to have grown from strength to strength in parallel with Singapore's incredible metamorphosis from mudflats to a global metropolis. Together with our nation, we have weathered many storms over the years, and emerged stronger every time.

Today, the Chong Sing Group is a privately-held property development and investment group, still proudly homegrown and headquartered in Singapore.



At the occasion of our 50th birthday, we stand at the precipice of history and peer into the muddy future. In planning ahead for our next 50 years, we see a world in more flux than it has ever been before in human history.

  We see 3 global challenges for the next 50 years:  

The Asia Century

With the rise of China and India, the world's economic and financial epicenter has once again shifted back to Asia. We recognize the importance of the wider Asian region outside Singapore as the source of Chong Sing's growth for the next 50 years. Yet at the same time, the geopolitical currents are strong and shifting. Many companies will be caught in the storm and capsize.

The Digital Age

Being in the property business, we are proudly and steadfastly rooted to the land and all things tangible. Yet at the same time, we recognize that the future belongs to those who can embrace the Digital Age. The future will be about AI, robotics, autonomous vehicles, augmented reality, Hyperloop, 3D printing, nanotech, telemedicine, genetically modified food, genomics, mRNA and more. The future is inspiring and exciting, and yet in the same breath, truly uncertain, risky and even scary.

Era of Long COVID

In 2019 and 2020, the world was presented with a devastating pandemic, COVID-19. It has destroyed lives, wealth and companies. Many companies have not survived. It is now accepted that COVID-19 is likely to be endemic and long lasting; in other words, rather than try to eradicate COVID-19 completely, world leaders have decided that the world might have to live with it forever. This ushers in the era of "Long COVID".

How will Chong Sing rise to the challenges?

Many companies will not survive the onslaught of the Asian Century, the Digital Age, and the Era of Long COVID, all rolled into one. How will we adapt and even thrive?


We realize that each challenge above is also at the same time an opportunity to be tapped!


How will we tap these opportunities? We will massively leverage on the wealth of experience, competencies and networks accumulated from our 50 years in business.


We have embarked on a strategic transformation of our Group to morph into a nimble and resilient group in the next 50 years.