As we inch into our next 50 years, Chong Sing Pte Ltd will continue to invest strategically in the following:

Property Investment

Rather than be bewildered We are continually seeking properties to invest in. We are constantly on the lookout for property investment or development opportunities. 

Technology Investment

Rather than be bewildered and bothered by the Digital Age as many of our peers, we choose to approach and embrace technology proactively. We realize that technology can in fact help us grow our business massively. We have decided to amalgamate Digital with our Traditional business. To that end, we have set up a venture capital arm to invest in companies in sectors that are synergistic and accretive to our traditional property business, such as PropTech, Urban Farming, Green Energy, Smart Buildings, IoT, Modular Construction, and even FinTech. We have even embarked on a Digital re-evaluation of all our vendors. For example, we have requested for all our vendors to use Building Information Management software (BIM). These initiatives will help us  leapfrog into Industry 4.0 and be winners in the Digital Age.

COVID-proof Investment

Long COVID while an endemic pain, is also an opportunity to be tapped. In May 2021, we set up our in-house venture fund (Circuit Breaker Investments) to invest in companies with a solid COVID-Proof business plan. We seek ideas in retail, hospitality, education, medical, F&B, entertainment and other retail trades.

If you have a property, technology start-up, or great idea, and would like us to invest, please contact us!

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